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Loyalty Program


How Does It Work?

Enroll with your phone number on your next visit or by clicking here

Earn stars for each item purchased

Two ways to earn - You pick your reward!

  1) Earn 25 stars and receive a $4 gift reward

  2) Earn 75 stars and receive a $15 gift reward

Use your stars to save the next time you visit

*Rewards have no cash value. Only one discount/reward can be used per order


How Many Stars Can I Earn?


3 Stars

Steiny's Bread or Steiny's Cheesy Bread, any size

2 Stars


2 Stars

Sub Sandwich

2 Stars


1 Star

Lunch Slice Visit

1 Star


1 Star

Delivery Charge

1 Star

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What about the menus I collected under the old reward system?

You may return your menus and will receive $0.545 per each returned. Please note that you may only turn in 25 menus at once. The discount is not valid with any other offer or discount.

Do I have to enter my phone number every time I pay?

When you pay with a credit, debit or gift card, our POS will link your loyalty program to that particular card and automatically add stars whenever that card is used again with us. When you pay with cash it will be necessary to enter your phone number each time to wish to receive stars with your purchase.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up or to check your balance