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Online Ordering


How It Works

You place an online order with Steiny's Pizza

It immediately prints to our kitchen

We prepare your meal

We notify you when your order is ready to be picked up

Please let our team member know you placed your order online

Loyalty Program


How It Works

Enroll with your phone number on your next visit

Earn stars for each item purchased

Earn 75 stars and receive a $15 gift reward via email or text

Use your $15 gift reward online or in-store

Gift Cards


How It Works

We offer physical gift cards that can be picked up in store

We offer e-gift cards from our online store that can be sent immediately or scheduled for a later date

Both types of gift cards may be used on delivery, in-store and also for online orders

Coupons, Specials, & Discounts


How It Works

We offer several different ways to help save you money on your next meal at Steiny's Pizza. Our first and favorite way is to give you what you pay for. No skimping here! Unless of course, you ask for it.


Unfortunately, as a small business in an industry with such a small profit margin, stacking multiple discounts can and will hurt us and our ability to be able to provide you delicious pizza for years to come.

Therefore, only one discount, coupon, special or any other offer may be used at a time.


We hope you can respect this and be kind to our employees. They work very hard to make sure you're happy. They do not have the authorization to provide any more discounts beyond the limit posted at the very top or bottom of your coupon.


If you'd like to request an exception, please feel free to email the owner at steinyspizza@att.net

Steiny's coupons can be found in the yearly QR Keycard Book, or by joining our email list below. If you have previously joined our Loyalty program, you may already be receiving our emails.

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